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Spider Component Stands

The Spider component stands have the flexibility to allow you to shape your living space to meet your personal requirements and not the other way around. The Spider's wholly modular architecture offers a perfect synthesis of form and function.

Your Spider is composed of 12" aluminum pillars*, solid Beachwood struts available in 3 different lengths, and a center hub allowing 6 different fixing positions. The vertical positioning of the struts can be varied along the height of the aluminum pillars at 3 cm increments allowing for complete height control between your components. Each strut placement can support up to 220 lbs. ending any fears of overloading your stand. With its height adjustable spikes, you can be sure your Spider stand installation is level.

From components as large as 23.5" wide and 19.5" deep to smaller components, your Spider equipment stand can be configured to fit into your environment while adding a pleasing and artful air to your decor. Additional pillars may be added up to 5 feet in height along with as many strut levels as you desire. Toping off the attractive pillars are ABS plastic caps that protect the ends of the pillars and are appealing to the eye.

The R.C.I. elements (Resonance Controlling Interface) allow placement of your components on the struts for resonance free sound and optimum stability. All the necessary tools and hardware is supplied with your Spider stands to allow for easy installation. German craftsmanship, coupled with modern design and the grace of Beachwood, make these value priced Stands of Beauty your proper buying decision.


  • 12" aluminum pillar*  that can be stacked up to 5 times their height
  • Solid Beachwood struts of 3 lengths for proper sizing
  • ABS plastic caps protect the ends of the pillars and are eye-catching
  • Each strut shelf can support up to 220 lbs.
  • Shelf height at your desired height - not the designers desired height
  • Shelf width and depth at your desired size - not the designers desired size
  • Height adjustable spikes
  • Attractive, functional and sturdy to enhance the beauty of your decor


*Actual aluminum pillar height is 11.6" (30cm)



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