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Vacuum Tubes

Tubes Socket

Silver Solder








ESL63 Repair


Audio Rack

2nd Equipment

Speaker Driver

Kron tube 845  
Made by Kron  of Czech Republic

Don't bother with upgrading your 845 tube.

We have plenty  of 845 tube !

J&J Tesla KT88

The Most Remarkable Tube upgrading ARC, and others.


Nature Sound Pre Amp

Universal SRPP design preamp using any medium mu tube such as 12AU7, 12FQ7, 12BH7, E80CC etc. Preamp comes with 2X 12AU7 tubes.


300B Full Music

The Good Sounding 300B tube for a very reasonable price !


Lundahl Output Transfomer



This not a cheap Output Transformer. But if you want a good sound, the price is not a problem.

Spider Rack

The Spider component stands have the flexibility to allow you to shape your living space to meet your personal requirements and not the other way around.


Riken Ohm

Upgrade Your system with this carbon composite resistor. Listen to the warm and lustful sound of  RMA.



WBT Silver Solder

Use The Original  WBT Silver Solder for your Project. Make sure the sound of your system passing thru the best connection



Kron Tube 300 B

Made by Kron  of Czech Republic

Don't bother with upgrading your 300B tube with this balloon type 300 B !


Knob Audio Research Style

Looking For a good knob ? Is it good enough ?



Nature Sound 300b SE

Using custom made special treated output transformer for the best sound



TKD Attenuator 41 steps !

Don't ever compromise your signal with the cheap volume control ! Try this and you will never want to listen to others !



Improve  Sound Staging by putting these spike under your system. Applicable for CD player Power Amp, Pre Amp, and Loud Speaker as well.


Sprague Atom

Upgrading never been better by using Sprague Atom Cap in your system.


Transformer Cap

Have you covered your Power Amp project with the cap ?




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